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Rory Gilmore Sex Boat

I'm Jon. Increasingly fond of the term Queer. Increasingly concerned about myself. A ghost ate my everything burrito and I was sad but it was a dream about a dog.

I write stuff about Pop Culture and post in on a site called Theory Pop.

Contrary to popular belief, Chris Parnell did not perform my Brit Milah.


fake movies: avengers lady centric au (for nyssa)

Peggy is the one to get stuck in ice in and survive the century. Pepper doesn’t get rid of Extremis and becomes Rescue. Bruce Banner stays under the radar leaving Betty as the authority in gamma radiation. Jane retains some of the Aether’s powers. Thor is busy ruling Asgard, therefore Sif is the one tasked to retrieve the Tesseract. Director Fury rounds them all up along with Black Widow for his Avengers Initiative and, Barton being compromised, Maria Hill steps up as the marksman of the team. 

tldr; the ladies save the world instead


What’s this? The trailer for the new season of Orange is the New Black?! Yes! Everybody freak out! 


Some of my favorite anime fansubs

Gots me a moogle party up in here.

You are so cute, I just want to kiss you and watch the sunset with you :)


The Stanley Parable


The Citadel: Part I

Mass Effect Scenery Porn [x]